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In a hospital setting where door isssues are commonplace, American Doors and Hardware have assisted us with fast professional and excellent service / support.

Jamie Sugg

Job Role, Wilson Medical Center

American Doors & Hardware are highly experienced consultants, and they know the limitations and benefit of many top automatic door manufacturers which make vendor sourcing easier than it has been for us in the past. Glen Webster

Designer, ID37

Our hotel recently went through a major renovation. part of the process involved replacing several sets of entrance doors and replacing several pieces fo insulated tinted glass. One of the representatives of AD&H had recently come by and introduced their company to us we gave them the opportunity to bid the work. This was good for both our Hilton and for AD&H since they were awarded the work. Since this is a full-service hotel, we had to sechdule the work during times the areas were unoccupied. AD&H worked their schedule to fit ours. All work was performed professionally, the job was not complete until they had cleaned and all employees were professional at all times

AD&H is now our primary vendor for commercial doors, hardware and service.

David J. Thigpen

Chief Facilities Manager, Hilton, Greenville NC

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